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    Everything for healthy nails and
    pretty hands.



Nail Serum


Concentrated deep action care: stem cells from sea fennel help nails and nail beds to regenerate quickly.

Our innovative serum has registered designs legal protection.
(No.: 20 2012 544.0).

Care Products

Special polishes develop their fullest effect properly only on beautifully cared-for nails. This is why we offer you everything needed for healthy nails and pretty hands in addition to a wide range of colours and effects.

Cuticle Remover

Softens the cuticle so that excess cuticle can be removed.

Cuticle Softening Pen

A pen with a point makes the delicate work easier.


Nail Care Stick

This stick moisturises the cuticle with a nourishing oil.

Nail Serum

For massaging into the nails and cuticle. Polish can be applied on top after 3 - 4 minutes.

Nail Polish Remover Spa

We have developed our own nail polish remover enriched with moisturising and scented ingredients to complement our nail oils. It contains a non-flammable ester-based solvent and is very transport-friendly as it is not classed as hazardous materials.

Nail Serum Hyaluron

For the nourishment of your cuticle and nail. Hyaluron provides additional hydration.