• cosna Glitterlacke



    We stock glitter polishes in over 200 colours.

  • cosna Sandlacke


    Sand polishes contain fine particles.
    Giving a rough sand structure to the finger nails.

  • cosna Stamping-Lacke


    Stamping polishes have high levels of coverage
    on account of their consistency and yet are easy to use.

  • cosna Magnetlacke


    Using a special magnetic system up to
    eight different designs are created after applying the polish.

  • cosna Metalliclacke


    Classic metallic polishes are the finishing touch to a cool outfit.

  • cosna Flip Flop Konfetti Lacke


    Now things are getting really colourful:
    confetti beads give freshly varnished
    nails an extra kick.





  • cosna French-Lacke


    Our pastel shades range from beige to rosé to brown - and provide a delicate, glossy French polish.

  • cosna Acryllacke


    Varnishes in lots of beautiful colours
    particularly suitable for painting on to.
    All our polishes can supplied
    in tall Delaware bottles with thin brushes.

Nail Polishes

Cosna produces high-quality nail polishes for natural and artificial nails based on over 2,600 colour formulas or as custom-made mixes. The fact that we can produce and supply small and large runs flexibly and fast is one of our strengths -  in addition to the enormous variety of tones and effects we offer. 

We supply our nail polishes in bulk (from 10 litres) or packaged individually - depending on your requirement.

All Cosna polishes are free of formaldehyde and toluene and, apart from a few exceptions, are also vegan, meaning they are produced without any animal ingredients or animal testing.


Standard Polishes Our standard polishes are high gloss, fast dry, achieve good coverage and are very durable.
BIO Polishes With our new Bio Base nail polishes with up to 85 % natural ingredients are available. All our polishes are vegan and cruelty-free.
Frensh polishes for a subtle and neat manicure: We offer more than 100 semi-transparent pastel colors. Ranging from nude to pink and brown.
Metallic polishes smooth shine – classic metallic polishes are always a special eye-catcher for your outfit.
Rainbow polishes for an extraordinary play of nuances – rainbow effect pigments create brilliant color gradients in the sun!
Neon polishes our neon polishes are bright, eye-catching and conform with KVO laws.
Matte polishes all our polishes can be produced with mat finishing.
Fragranced polishes for all your senses: Fragrances in your clear polish last several days and make them exceptional. You find the frangrance list here: Nail Care -> Nail Oils. The fragrances are of concentrated, synthetic origin and might impact the texture and desiccation of the nail polish.
Confetti polishes for your party! Confetti polishes with larger flaces step up any manicure.
Stamping polishes Our stamping polishes in more than 100 colors have extra strong coverage und easy to use for stamping nail art.
Sand polishes Delicate glass pearls create a rough surface for your nail.
Glitter polishes for every demand: We offer glitter polishes in many different types. With flaces, different sizes and in many colors. Reflex glitter play with the light. Iridescent and holographic glitter create remarkable effects.