Mini Trent

Form: round
Content: 4,5 ml
Caps (from left to right): Mini white, Trent white, Mini black, Trent black

ATTENTION: Discontinued modell. After use of the remaining stock it will not be reordered.


From simple to outlandish: when selecting the bottles, caps and screw connections, we focus entirely on your specifications -  as we do for the polishes themselves.

In addition to our standard black and white options, you can also choose silver, matt black, gold or other preferred colours for the finish.

And there’s plenty of room for personal choice when combining the bottle shapes with the shapes of the caps.


Form: square
Content: 5 ml
Caps: Elba white, Trenton white, Trenton black, Elba black, Torino black (only black available)


Form: round
Content: 7,5 ml
Caps: Mini white, Trent white, Mini black, Trent black


Form: square
Content: 8ml
Caps: Trent white, Mini white, Delaware (only black), Mini black, Trent black

Brush: Standard Nail Polish brush or extra thin Nailart brush

ATTENTION: This bottle will be discontinued after use of the remaining stock material.


Form: round
Content: 10 ml
Caps: Seine in black or white


Form: square
Content: 11 ml
Caps: Antares white, Trenton white, Elba white, Elba black, Trenton black, Antares black. Also combination with the caps Torino, Mini and Trent are possible.

Attention: This bottle has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Therefore we can offer the remaining stock material only in limited quantity to our regular customers.


Form: square
Content: 11 ml
Caps: Olona white, Jersey white, Jersey black, Olona black, Genebro (only black)


Form: globe
Content: 75 ml
Caps: Sphere, only in white