• cosna Klarlacke


    Clear polishes take on many roles in nail care.
    We give you clear solutions for each one.

Clear Varnishes


BIO Coats Coats compatible for the BIO Nail polishes
- Natural all-in-one Coat
- BIO Top Coat
- BIO Base Coat
Base Coat A solid base is the first step of any manicure to protect your nail and prevent discoloration. We offer base coat in different versions.
- Clear, blue, pink or green
-Additional nourishing components: Vitamins, Biotin, Calcium and diamond powder.
Top Coats Any manicure is only as good as it’s finish. Diverse Top Coats protect the manicure and enhance durability.
- Top Coat Basis
- Super Hardener: Protective coat, fast dry and shiny
- Super Hardener GO: Thinner Super Hardener, extra fast dry.
- Stamping coat: Special sealing coat for stamping art.
- Wet Glace: Thicker clear coat for an extra glossy finish of your manicure.
6in1 All-in-one solution. Works as top coat, anti-yellow and simple ridge-filler. The polish is fast dry and visually brightens the nail.
Anti-yellowing polish Protects your natural nail from discoloration.
Anti-Bite polish The bitter taste in this polish prevents destructive chewing of nails. Not suitable for children!
Whiter polish Light or deep violet clear polish for the visual brightening of your nail.
Ridge filler polish Instantly smooth and shiny surface of your nail as basis for your manicure. White or pink colored ridge filler smoothens out any ridges on your nail.
Ridge filler special With Nylon fibers for additional support of your nails.
Nail hardener Strengthens your nail against brittle and discoloration. Can be upgraded with Keratin, Biotin or Calcium.