• cosna Farbspiele


    A display of different colours or several shades
    on one hand is very eye-catching.

  • cosna Sandlacke


    Sand polishes contain fine particles giving a rough
    sand structure to finger nails.

  • cosna Flip Flop Konfetti Lacke


    Now things are getting really colourful:
    confetti beads give freshly varnished nails
    an extra pizzazz.






BIO Nail polishes

Vegan, BIO and at least 14-free

With our new BIO base we can produce almost all colored polishes. Fantastic gloss and long durability will convince you!

Nailcare Polishes

Naturally beautiful

Our new Nailcare polishes are designed to match a good, caring manicure or to give your nails a well deserved break:

- Repair Complex

- Care Complex

- Kaolin Repair

Nail foil remover


Our new nail foil remover was developed especially for the easy removal of nail wraps.

Nail polish remover SPA

Solvent-free and therefore transport-friendly remover (no hazardous substances), which can be enriched with scents, moisturising oils and vitamins.

Nail polish remover with renewable materials

Our new nail polish remover is made of renewable materials (sugar cane) and removes polishes effectively.

Nail Serum Hyaluron:

For the nourishment of your cuticle and nail. Hyaluron provides additional hydration.